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Lemon Scene Start If you are under 18 or not mature enough to read this skip to the next bold line Once Naruto opened his eyes his saw his mother stroking his 15 inch dick. She was making some miso ramen when the door opened showing her 17 year old son. When they reached the master bedroom Kushina pulled Naruto in for a heated make out session. She had a nice hourglass figure with a nice E-cup boobs. A few minutes passed by and Naruto felt his load about to surface. Soon Naruto shot his load inside his mother's mouth. You remind me so much of hi that I just had to do this.

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It was to much for her so she had to take it out and let the rest of it go on her breasts.

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Harlow. Age: 22.
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Kushina Uzumaki "The Red-Hot Habanero" (★6)

So will do that when we wake tomorrow. Hello everybody my name is Quinc the Thirst and I am attempting to write my first lemon. Kushina feeling that he was done decided to lick all of the semen off of her.

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