Kacy catanzaro wiki

kacy catanzaro wiki
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Kacy received a Wild Card spot in Vegas for the second year in a row. However, in the Houston qualifier, she failed the Cargo Crossing while trying to leap to the bar. She and Steffensen train together at obstacle course gyms having practiced on obstacles like the Jumping Spider , Salmon Ladder , Ultimate Cliffhanger , and the Warped Wall. In the Vegas finals, a nervous Kacy wanted to redeem herself after her dramatic failure in the Houston qualifiers. However, she made a fatal mistake on the Sky Hooks when she attempted to make the last swing, only for the ring to get stuck from the hook. However, she failed on the Propeller Bar again for a second straight season despite landing on the trampoline properly.

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Alexandria. Age: 22.
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She was shown crying in a post-run interview, saying that she was not going to fail an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

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Dulce. Age: 24.
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Kacy Catanzaro

In American Ninja Warrior 9 , Kacy had high ambitions to redeem herself after falling in qualifying the past two seasons. At the Dallas City Finals, she went on to become the first female to ever to earn her spot at the Vegas Finals by completing the city finals. Catanzaro made her debut appearance in American Ninja Warrior 5 , at the Venice qualifying course. She passed the first two obstacles with ease, managed to quickly get her traction on the TIE Fighter and easily passed the other obstacles until she reached the Soritatsu Kabe with 40 seconds left.

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