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Comics weren't all doom and gloom. Between them they created a love of narrative, a passion for justice and possibly a need for therapy at least according to my husband that persists for life, and that last is mainly down to "your friend from the mists". As Tom Daley won his bronze, a host of women in their 30s and 40s — like me — were able to show off our surprisingly exhaustive knowledge of diving terms. Were these comics old-fashioned? Topics Comics and graphic novels. We're used to the sob stories of the wannabe-famous on The X Factor.

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Even if out of print, their tales can be found via libraries, secondhand book shops or the internet.

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Homeless orphans often with sick little brothers in tow dealt stoically with obstacles that would horrify even Tess of the d'Urbervilles. And, like Hardy's heroine, these girls didn't always get a happy ending. No ballet here; instead there were pacts with the devil, schoolgirl sacrifice, the ghosts of hanged girls, sinister cults, evil scientists experimenting on the innocent and terrifying parallel worlds where the Nazis won the second world war.

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