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I could see the black boxers through my jeans as I pissed as hard as my body pushed it out. Of course, a concert is about to start the there is a line for the bathroom. I got out of the pool completely glistening with no signs I ever peed my pants. I watched my jeans as they partially became see through, pee puddling up my thighs as my legs were still closed. I can feel my socks get wet and I really have made a puddle.

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Vienna. Age: 31.
men at urinals tumblr

Unfortunately these are mutually exclusive goals at this point.

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Meredith. Age: 27.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I break out in a sweat because 30 minutes is really going to test my bladder. It moves quickly, but not quickly enough. Heads turned wondering what the sound was.

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