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real sister tumblr
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Coups asked the others and everyone nodded a little hesitantly. Thank you for the fun request! The two had the others laughing so hard they were having trouble breathing. There was a silence for a few seconds during which she observed the photo. They were maybe overly dramatic about it: their dorm was never really that dirty. Coups said after hearing her comment.

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Isabelle. Age: 28.
real sister tumblr

Now there were two people in the corner that pretty much kept laughing all the time while Jun just sat there, letting out occasional chuckles.

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Madilyn. Age: 26.
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Most of them were there just for memories, some were gifts from fans and some were just meant to be there for the visual. After eating everyone kind of just gathered in the living room. He chuckled and got out too. It would have been hilarious to see you all trying to clean up the mess as fast as possible.

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