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They are her weapons as well as her weakness, but there is no conflict there, no panic, no anger, just clear and utter astonishment. Jealousy by gen reviews "Papa, did you ever like someone before Mama? The Path We Walk by tenneyshoes reviews With his memory of the past five years missing, Naruto must decide if his life has led him to a place he wants to be. The Beautiful Trauma by cafeanna reviews "You will marry the Kazekage in two weeks' time. With the non-stop admiration the youngsters has for his tutor, Naruto can't help but wonder just who she was. Founder: kiyone - Stories: - Followers: 4 - id:

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And she thinks it's so strange, because she is the only girl in the class that doesn't want to sit by him.

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At least now when Hinata loses the keys to her place, Sasuke would right there with the matching pair. He never expected to be married to Hinata Hyuga, and now he must navigate through the maze that is their life together with no memory of how he got there. What happens when the two just happen to cross paths for the night?

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