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The skin at the bottom side of navel is thick and encloses more tissues as compared to the top navel. It involves deep piercing than any other known body piercing and hence making an individual more susceptible to complications such as navel piercing infection, rejection and longer healing process. COM does not endorse any of the products or services that are advertised on the website. Does piercing the navel area hurt? It can take few weeks for the piercing to appear healed when in real sense, it is not especially inside. A GunsmithIf you are a fan of guns or shooting, this is certainly a cute idea for body jewelry. Tight clothes can also cause friction and irritation of the sensitive skin around the piercing site.

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The feathers are also multiple colors.

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Getting a body piercing should not be an easy decision, there are lots to consider because it is a permanent mark on the body. The snakebites on the hips as well as a belly button piercing. During the healing process, you may feel some discomfort especially if the piercing is bumped in any way.

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