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monster girl quest trinity
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The tower is the Garuda shrine, go there to have it as a fast travel location but there's no need to explore it just yet. She will join your party if you find the cat statue from Orochi's cave. There are a lot of chests in this pseudolabyrinth of a cave, once you've finished exploring climb down the rope into the pit to reach the bottom floor. Exit the cave and travel north east towards the destroyed castle. Head back to the warehouse in Grangold to talk to the king for the reward: the license for the advanced magic jobs. La Croix and Kagetsumugi are on good terms with one another, the arrival of Luka causes Kagetsumugi to leave.

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Addison. Age: 21.
monster girl quest trinity

The Vampire mage on the right has powerful sexcraft and magic spells, and is the second fastest out of all of them.

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Aubrielle. Age: 24.
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Part 2 Walkthrough

Then go inside the pub and talk to the succubus there. Talking to the minotaur will let you know that you will need 10 sukiyaki for the coming event. Shirohebi red is undeterred however, and must be put down. After a long cutscene where everyone discusses the motives of Alice XV, the kings and queens will task you with subjugating the various monster queens: Queen Elf, Queen Mermaid, Queen Vampire, and Spider Princess.

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