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Sayaka is a teacher and Misuzu a professional swimmer - and when the two of them get together, let's just say things can get pretty steamy! Uchuu Kaizoku Sarah is a hentai for those who enjoy sequences of intense sex, bondage, tentacles, and more. What brought you to our article today? You can expect some play with toys and the like, but most of the sex is more romantic and soft. There will be heterosexual sex sequences, but they are alongside the lesbian ones. Shoujo Sect is the story of childhood friends that eventually grow up to be something so much more - but it doesn't happen fast!

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If you're looking for a lesbian anime with dark themes like slavery, exploitation, and rape - and don't mind the whole family being involved since it is a mother and her daughters - Ai Shimai is the way to go.

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What brought you to our article today? While these girls may not be lesbians, they're definitely bisexual and aren't afraid to get down with one another and not just Keiichi. But when Takedo ends up in a car accident with an average woman named Yukie Kitazawa, he sees his chance to have a sex slave of his own. Both girls have strong and confident personalities, which means they end up fighting a lot and are stubborn about sharing their true feelings.

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