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The more common and specific scenario in which strippers can be guilty of disliking men, are quiet nights, or nights the club is swarming with men who are only interested in swigging on alcohol and being boisterous with their other drunk mates. I stopped caring about people around me because I was surrounded by this atmosphere of constant mistrust. Looking into their eyes is really important. And they wonder why many dancers hate men?? I was in there an hour with him and I had to deal with that smell for so long. The hopelessness that is felt on one of those shitty nights can be enough to make me want to quit, within minutes an interesting, not-too-drunk-and-irritating customer who wants to pay heaps of money to hang out can wipe away that feeling. Get our newsletter every Friday!

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Karlie. Age: 29.
strippers sluts

And they wonder why many dancers hate men??

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Fernanda. Age: 20.
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These women hate you, and no amount of money you can give them will make them like you any more. Makes me want to rush out and go to a strip club right now! I found it tough, soul-destroying, and it had begun to strip me of my humanity. About your man: white, early 30s, balding, slightly chubby, suited, small dick rubbing into my ass.

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