Stained thong

stained thong
stained thong

I definitively decided that they're not for me. We're all familiar with what happens in that area of the body. Rabin says that the pH levels of your vag are thrown off a little when you're menstruating, so your likelihood of catching an infection increases. From there, your natural vaginal secretions get thrown out of whack, and you could be facing a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Not long after, I learned that thongs are actually not great for your overall health. They became self-torture devices, in fact. Instead of trying to accommodate others, I started to ask myself what kind of underwear I liked best.

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Hailey. Age: 21.
stained thong

I experimented with just about every kind of undergarment known to womankind, eventually figuring out what it was that made me feel sexiest.

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Marley. Age: 21.
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6 Reasons I'll Never Wear A Thong Again

Every move I made — every twist, bend, and stretch — was wildly unpleasant, even painful at times. They Can Cause Vaginal Infections. Nearly every patient who has them admits to being an avid thong-wearer.

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