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She saved Emma from zombies in Zombie Apocalypse, though Emma was her nemesis. Mia does find out later in the series, and does admit she would love to be back in that life, with her parents. In the season finale, she became warmer and kind after she stopped plotting revenge. Also she is back in her normal life; due to Emma ending the continuum break. Soon after, her parents were murdered by The Principal of Iridium High, who was a witch who hated Kanays.

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She only portrayed Mia as a recurring character, as she wasn't needed for the series.

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In Season 4, her life is affected massively. Mia is annoying 33 messages. For years, she had been looking all over the country for the Chosen One, but had no luck, until she located Emma in Miami. After the continuum break, Mia lives with her cousins, and attends a school called Treasure Coast High School.

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