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Another aspect I hear is that it feels better for the girl when the guy is uncircumcised, so maybe girls wouldn't enjoy it as much. Pro-tip: ALL penises look weird! But why is foreskin still so stigmatized? Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. I've never really had any misgivings or concerns about it. With all this said however, I do remember from sex-ed, that the brain is the most important aspect of sex — so I keep that in mind as well! Also I have never prefaced any sexual interaction with a heads up about being not being circumcised — there's other stuff to worry about.

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Alessandra. Age: 24.
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But really, a penis is a penis.

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Lara. Age: 30.
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4 Guys Get Real About Being Uncircumcised

Man D: Honestly it's not something you think about day to day or at all until someone brings it up. Man D: No, they can make the decision if they want later in life. Man D: Make sure they clean their junk and peel back the extra skin while doing so — seriously, it can get gross down there.

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