Tfs episode 59

tfs episode 59
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However, I did get a kick out of all the innuendo, especially when Cell said "While I'm busy pounding your son, I'll be thinking of you the whole time. I hope they've got a plan these next few episodes to turn the daddy-issues ship around. It's just a stinger joke anyway, so it doesn't have a huge impact on the episode itself. Metalix Knightmare: PapaGreg I want hear ya'll thoughts on this episode. I want hear ya'll thoughts on this episode.

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Milani. Age: 24.
tfs episode 59

Knowing how it's all going to go, the question is how they're going to get this version of Gohan who's hated his father since he was five, to the Father-Son Kamehameha.

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Ana. Age: 24.
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TFS Dragon Ball Z: Abridged Parody Episode 59

Scarim Coral: I take it you haven't watched those "Goku is gonna show you" lets play? Ah, you are correct, the thrust of that quoted point of mine was mostly ChiChi, though in my initial post, I did state they were both bad parents. Chi Chi is a monster of a different flavor than Goku, I mean seriously would you want her as a mother?

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