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Here I am sitting at the bottom of a small waterfall thinking of him, I use this time to go over the talks we have in my mind. Guy was nearby I can smell him, like always I see him retreating in the distance around this time. Now I see why he wears pants and not a cloth, there would be no way to cover it all. I couldn't hold it anymore I rub my hand across my chest and the tips of my fingers feeling the rub over the hardened skin making me shudder. Almost like he's avoiding me, it makes me feel…mad. He turns and jumps into the water and surfaces near the rock only his head is showing, and his cheeks are bright red. He whispers between breaths "you taste delicious" I couldn't help but blush.

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I shouldn't have … oh my- I should've controlled it better" he says covering his member with both hands.

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The Croods Cartoon Porn Hentai

He starts to trail kisses from my neck to the top of my chest, I feel him with his free hand sliding my dress down; leaving kisses to the newly exposed skin. I feel his hands grip my hips and slam me down onto him as he slams his hips into mine. By the time he reached it I was already there "Why?

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