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O, No-Face, in the Bug Jar. Rex and Ceasar go to a local village in Mexico to visit their adoptive grandmother, but she is hiding something. White Knight assumes that the Green Fist organization are selling E. But Six, Rex and the White Knight grow suspicious. Rex easily defeats Quarry and bargains with Breach to release Circe from her pocket dimension.

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Makayla. Age: 20.
generator rex noah

Breach takes Quarry to take the blame, while Rex parts with his old friends.

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Madeleine. Age: 31.
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Noah Nixon (Generator Rex)

Rex learns that he's inherited a farm in Argentina and brings Noah, Claire, and Annie along to check it out. After quarrels with each other, the two finally work together to stop a threat once created by Rex's older brother, Caesar: the Alpha Nanite. If not rescued, the rods would destroy the surrounding areas. He is able to use his ear-link communicator to talk to Dr.

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