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Looks like it got just enough tolerable reviews to put it into "fresh territory. Like "The Mummy," this is a late '90s adventure romp that doesn't get its due. Few thrillers have been before or since. This is a movie that hooks you in by depicting a legitimate mental health disorder as something that can turn you into a literal super-powered monster. The acting is superb, of course, but the talent is wasted.

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Hadleigh. Age: 28.
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This is not to say the movie isn't flawed, but aside from the wretched Joker scenes, the rest of the film itself is actually pretty entertaining.

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Maddison. Age: 22.
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26 films Rotten Tomatoes got 100 percent wrong

Unlike the new version of "The Mummy," this one also holds up to repeated viewings. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:. Rotten Tomatoes has been catching a lot of heat lately.

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