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If you were a zoo, you couldn't go to something like a gay bar. He was super darkly into zoophilia in a way that was unlike the others. That question was there the whole time we were working on Zoo and I never found out the answer. He was into fisting, he was into big dildos, he was into pushing things sexually. At the time, bestiality was legal in Washington, and since there was no evidence of the men abusing the animals, Tait was only charged with trespassing. Zoophilia is so out there in terms of sexuality that it's very hard to broach, and there isn't support for it from other minority groups or sexual communities.

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After James Michael Tait, the ringleader, was caught, he moved to Tennessee because there are no laws about bestiality there [ Tait was arrested and charged with animal cruelty in Tennessee in ].

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Hands" is testament to that—the gruesome second video that was circulating on the grimmer corners of the internet in the mid s shows a man willingly submitting himself to the romantic attentions of a horse. When I was talking to the zoos in Washington, I got an impression that they thought Mr. The other guys, who were into big dicks, could have just had intense fetishes.

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