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This sets an attacking wrestler charging towards a standing opponent, bringing the body parallel to the ground and driving one shoulder into the opponent's midsection, pulling on their legs, as in a double leg takedown , and forcing them back-first into the mat. Popularized by "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Having a fallen opponent lying next to the apron, the attacking wrestler grabs either the opponent's head, torso or leg and places it on the bottom rope. Sometimes abbreviated to "Hi-impact", this term defines any attack performed by a charging wrestler with enough speed and momentum that once started it can not be stopped. Some moves are meant neither to pin an opponent, nor weaken them or force them to submit, but are intended to set up the opponent for another attack.

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Performed by wrestlers like Ernie Ladd and Umaga.

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Professional wrestling strikes

This variation is set up by a wrestler performing an Irish whip but keeping the opponent's wrist held , then the wrestler pulls the opponent back and hits using the other arm's elbow. A maneuver that sees a standing wrestler strike usually ramming with a shoulder, by keeping an arm down by the side into a charging opponent's chest or abdomen. This attack is usually done with the opponent charging towards the wrestler, using the opponent's momentum to deliver the wrestler's sole to the upper-body or head.

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