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Sedusa tries to make a getaway but is soon knocked out by Buttercup's Piko Piko Hammer. They see her turn back to her originally form and recognize Annie. Shortly, Blossom and Buttercup find Bubbles and confront her, who reveals herself. Bellum for helping her, who appears confused of what she's talking about but doesn't question her. Blossom notices Annie's feelings for him which embarrasses her.

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Toning her broad hips, modeling her huge and voluptuous breasts.

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As Annie cleans up, Jason appears in the shop. She then tries to trick Bubbles out of the store disguised as Buttercup but fails as Bubbles figures it couldn't be Buttercup as she dislike cologne or in that fact, dislikes girly stuff. She is very attractive to all men, except Jason. Her voice changes from sweet to soft and seductive, she is very flirtatious, sexy and somewhat perverted, just as Annie is attracted to Jason, but he ignores her completely and that makes her very angry.

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