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Are you missing out on moves that could make your orgasms even more pleasurable? Vrangalova recommends using your hand or a prostate massage toy. You can even buy a phone strap accessory to free up both your hands. Turn your hand so it slides down your penis forefinger-first, and twist it as you stroke. Like switching positions during sex, mixing in unfamiliar hand maneuvers can break up the tedium, Morse says. Some guys learn to ignore their penis entirely as they approach the big O, Morse says. Try pressing a vibrating sex toy to your perineum while stroking your penis with your other hand.

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So how do you bring a little butt play into your next masturbation session?

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And those secretive, fast-and-furious habits can spill into adulthood, says Emily Morse, a sex expert and host of the popular podcast Sex with Emily. How to Have Multiple Orgasms. Most men learn to masturbate quickly and quietly, as testosterone-loaded adolescents worried about parents or siblings walking in and disturbing their personal time. Is Female Ejaculation Real?

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