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So many character designs featuring boob windows are dishonest in that the presentation of the character serves the viewer and NOT the character. There are women who actually do chose to dress like that, and they are proud of it. I prefer this kind of gambeson, it adds a nice shape to her arm. The appearance of the character serves the character. Making her costume just a cool vintage dress, without the obligatory bare skin in most predictable areas chest, thighs, ass makes 2B look so much more memorable, in my opinion. I like that this shares some elements with my own redesign of Caitlyn from League of Legends , but it also offers so much more!

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Victoria. Age: 20.
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The appearance of the character serves the character.

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Lina. Age: 20.
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An honest character design is one where the presentation of the character is aligned with the motivations and personality of the character established in the narrative. January 19, ozziescribbler 0 comments notes. Real women make their own decisions about what to wear and why, and they are entitled to dress how they please for whatever reason they please. And I just like a high collar as a design element… -Icy Source: reddit.

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