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KaliBeebe May 1, at am Reply. Besides in movies and TV, in dating, most asian women are favored because they tend to be smaller while asian men are ignored because they also tend to be smaller which white women are not attracted to. I have very light skin, not black but very dark, waist length brown hair and green eyes -the antithesis of the aryan standard of female beauty. I also look way younger than my age so I get pedophilic vibes. I agree with the part about the fat unattractive part which the article has ignored. Believe me, Trump is still prettier than him, lol.

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Athena. Age: 22.
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Who can watch a Jackie Chan or Jet Li movie without recalling the incomparable, highly respected and very much loved Bruce Lee?

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Adelynn. Age: 31.
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Because the fewer a particular ethnically diverse presence means less contact which naturally leads to the dreaded ethnic stereotype. I have a friend who is half white half Mexican, and she is crazy about Asian dudes. So, what part of the US are you? Brianna September 19, at am Reply.

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