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There's pressure to conform to the oversexed materialism of a new China, steeped in aesthetic and financial competitiveness, whereas for a westerner these kinds of jobs are easy pickings. I try to make myself look equally swanlike and indifferent, but outside the floor manager looks at me and sighs, "It'll do. If you have a habit of wearing stockings, don't. There's option for weird stuff too which pay comes different. One evening it all goes tits up. To one side, there's a pulpit with a small screen to select your power ballad. Clicking on the ad makes me flinch in self-disgust, and WeChatting the guy I start to feel more like a commodity than a human.

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Alianna. Age: 24.
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Who knew that karaoke could be so shady?

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Sydney. Age: 29.
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My Time as a Hostess in a Sleazy Chinese Karaoke Den

There's option for weird stuff too which pay comes different. Scootering through the city at 4 AM I get to the shabby digs arranged for me and bunk up in the cold. I guess I done bad—quite an accomplishment at a place that cheapens female students and hard-up ambitious girls for perverse hobbyists and commercial profit. Some of the Swans join us and start caressing the main guy around the face and groin while he sings badly.

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