Fluttershy eats twilight

fluttershy eats twilight
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This section should be expanded or updated. In the fifth episode of PonyChat, Hannah and Amaryllis have an Apple family -themed slushie stand whereat apple slushies and pear slushies are shared. As should be clear by now, the ponies in the show don't just eat raw or unexplained "it's magic" dishes. Ponies often eat foods, such as potato chips, that are not recommended for horse feed. In the season four finale , Lord Tirek consumes ponies' magic, in one instance eating Shining Armor 's magic like food. The accused characters who ate the desserts are:.

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fluttershy eats twilight

Applejack mentions that Cherry Jubilee, the owner of Cherry Hill Ranch, had a cherry stand at the rodeo selling cherry winks, cherry cheesecake, and cherry tarts.

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Food and beverage

Pinkie Pie sings about the ingredients for cupcakes in the Cupcake Song :. Minerals are consumed by various creatures. The episode ends with Pinkie Pie eating the whole cake in one bite

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