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Any non-text submission requires that OP is involved in the discussion. Sorry to shut down one of the most active and entertaining threads we've had in a while, but some commenters took things too far after being asked not to. Surely not all them are castrated because you know, of breeding purposes? I think that a horsedick too, but don't worry OP, it doesn't mean that your grandfather liked horsedicks, like said in other comments, maybe it was a joke or something related to horse breeding? Hell, he may have even been impressed at how big horse dicks really are in person and intentionally snapped a photo of the sight.

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I've lived on a horse farm my whole life, I know a horse penis when I see it.

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Malia. Age: 31.
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I'm unlocking the thread, and will keep a close eye on insulting comments. Actually an above average post these days. UnexplainedPhotos join leave 87, readers 22 users here now Welcome to UnexplainedMedia, a subreddit that has grown out of UnexplainedPhotos where users can post photos, audio and video that defy explanation. Sometimes it's because when an individual state repealed an anti-sodomy law they accidentally also repealed laws against beastiality, you know because it's in the same bill that got passed in about how you couldn't put it up the bum or other "deviant" acts.

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