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In unprotected penis-in-vagina sex, pre-cum also neutralizes the pH of the vag, again to make it more a more hospitable spot for sperm. After I stopped taking the med, and it had completely left my system, I was back to soaking my drawers once again. The glands produce a fluid which neutralizes pH inside the urethra as it comes out. If bringing a change of pants to work every day seems like an insufficient solution, there are more extreme measures. The Cowper's glands are triggered by the hormone dihydrotestosterone DHT and so as is hair loss.

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Some people report success with kegels, or just masturbating more.

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How to Deal with Your Boyfriend's Excessive Pre-Cum

The problem is society's one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to genitals. First, we need to know what pre-cum is before we can figure out how much there should be. Michelle Gardela via Stocksy.

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