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public quickie sex
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Try departmental stores instead of boutiques with attendants and try to go when traffic is slow, so early mornings are better than a rush hour! Sex is fun because even though it is something all or at least most adults partake in, it can also be a bit of an extreme sport, in certain situations. Restrooms, when clean, can be a pretty neat spot for that quickie and afford just the right amount of privacy and risk. Public quickies are fun and all, but we do want to avoid any less than ideal repercussions to a little bit of fun and so we need to keep some things in mind! Some classrooms are better than others, avoid ones that are centrally located, for obvious reasons! Being in the water with your partner can be hot with a capital H but be careful cause there are plenty of accidents that also happen in swimming pools. Make sure there are no children in sight to the best of your ability!

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Alexandra. Age: 29.
public quickie sex

A common but exciting exhibitionist possibility is to do it behind the bush instead of beating about the bush, if you know what we mean!

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Paislee. Age: 23.
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Classrooms are prime locales for school fantasies if you and your partner are into roleplay or are revisiting your old high school for a reunion, a quick shag down memory lane! Have an escape plan or some semblance of it! Park sex is a super common category of quickies, second only perhaps to car sex.

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