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Although past studies have looked at ethnic differences in perinatal outcomes, the majority of research has focused on white-African-American couples. Census Bureau's survey also reported being of mixed Asian-white ancestry. These findings weren't altogether surprising: past studies have shown an increased risk of diabetes among Asian couples, which researchers attribute to an underlying genetic predisposition. Because birth weights between these two groups were similar, the researchers say the findings suggest that the average Asian woman's pelvis may be smaller than the average white woman's and less able to accommodate babies of a certain size. It's difficult to estimate the prevalence of Asian-white couples, but The researchers also found that Asian women whose partners are white are more likely than white women with Asian or white partners to have a caesarean delivery, as part of a broad analysis of perinatal outcomes among Asian, white and Asian—white couples.

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During that time period, 5, white, 3, Asian and Asian-white couples delivered babies at the hospital.

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Asian-white couples face distinct pregnancy risks, Stanford/Packard study finds

Asian couples had babies with the lowest median birth weight, so caesarean delivery was less common among those women. Few studies have focused specifically on Asian-white couples, said El-Sayed, who is also associate chief of maternal-fetal medicine. The findings, the authors say, could benefit clinicians working with an increasingly diverse patient population. Stanford Medicine is leading the biomedical revolution in precision health, defining and developing the next generation of care that is proactive, predictive and precise.

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