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The separation didn't went well at all , so I decided to change my name in to be able to continue my life's passion. I worked hard, harder than I have ever worked in my life, both physically and mentally to recover as fast as I could. I love cooking something tasty and nourishing for myself, but there's nothing better than preparing a meal that the whole family, or my friends will enjoy. I've always loved to paint and draw. And because cooking is a form of art, I insist on sharing my favourite masterpieces with the people I love!

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Megan. Age: 28.
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During my hospital stay, I realized I had to make changes in my life because I wasn't fulfilled.

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Marina. Age: 30.
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I've tried eating "normal", being a vegetarian, a vegan, and even a raw vegan. I'm learning to read music sheet, but I'm not very good at it. I do everything, from coding to video editing, acting to being the camerawoman, and everything business wise, and of course all of my social media presence.

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