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Sitting before her, I started to pass my hand on this wet mess, smearing it slowly on her stomach, on her thigh, on her face… But right away, a renewed trickle of saliva started to reach her nipple, brief dampened step before falling on the now drenched floor. Fingers running inside her, over her… She stopped moving and let go. Her moans, loud, were now continuous, cut only by sharp inspirations. I could hear only her breathing and moaning. I can see her reaction when she hears me removing my belt. Twin post at so-much-to-play-with.

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Alissa. Age: 30.
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I want everyone to see who she can be under my rules.

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Bryleigh. Age: 23.
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Standing between her legs, I increased the pleasure. I missed it twice this week. As soon as the room emptied, she pulled me under a bamboo. Looking at her, still, drooling in silence, is probably the hardest way to challenge my control over myself.

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