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Meanwhile, Momoko stands up for decency in the school and is in the disciplinary committee. While these girls may not be lesbians, they're definitely bisexual and aren't afraid to get down with one another and not just Keiichi. The main trio are three demons named Carrera, Mercedes, and Rati. Some do have male characters as well, and some don't. Etsuraku no Tane the Animation.

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We won't pretend that most of them have been written with a male demographic in mind.

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Kaitlyn. Age: 28.
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Top 10 Lesbian Hentai Anime [Best Recommendations]

It has plenty to go around! But his beautiful childhood friend Kururu is a regular customer, and his main coworker is the very attractive Rei Suzukawa. So if you're looking for a lesbian hentai with a fun story and good characters, get ready for Mankitsu Happening.

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