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Sex therapist Allen Elkin suggests using "more traditional names that both people agree on. According to a study of sex practices in the United States, Do women actually enjoy giving head, or is it just the cost of doing business? These numbers may seem improbable until you figure in the 93 percent margin of error that results from answering survey questions with your left hand. What could I call it instead? Paul, you've got big problems.

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Rosa. Age: 30.
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A rose by any other name is still your wife's vagina, but the point is, while the name you've chosen is a fine one for you, it may have negative connotations for her.

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Kallie. Age: 32.
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Another study from the '90s, the unofficial "Decade of the Blow Job," concluded that "twice as many women who went to college have given or received oral sex compared with those who did not finish high school," which clears up a lot of confusion about the definition of "liberal arts. Paul, you've got big problems. Men often experience tenderness in the area but just figure they probably caught it in a door again. When erect, my penis has a pronounced curve to the left.

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