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It is a situation that seems to arise perennially and often runs a similar course. Western civilization has always relished the bodies of young people and artists will carry on producing representations of naked children. She is depicted naked in swoon-like poses, her body appearing to emerge out of a black background. In May an exhibition by Henson at the highly regarded Sydney gallery Roslyn Oxley9 was investigated by the police before opening to the public. However the chiaroscuro of the controlled lighting used by Henson to illuminate her naked body might be interpreted as imparting a sensuous or provocative tone to the imagery.

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Adelyn. Age: 20.
jock sturges similar artists

How can we include the voices of children in this discussion?

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Jaycee. Age: 20.
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Scandalous Photographs of Children

The photographs that were confiscated are portraits of a 12 year old girl. In providing an account of the machinations of the media and the spruiking of politicians and campaigners, and the symbiotic play of the two, The Henson Case presents an insightful snapshot of the manufacture of public anxiety around the issue of photographic representation of naked children. He has also come under much criticism for what might be read as the disempowered representation of women and young people proffered in his imagery. Often his models are naked or semi-clothed, covered in blood, dirt or sweat and pictured in postures suggestive of the aftermath of drug use, sex or violence.

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