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Surgical correction involves a procedure to release the underlying tissues and may require transection of milk ducts, which could potentially preclude future breastfeeding. Developing extra breast tissue with associated nipples or pigmented areolas may sometimes occur, in both men and women. In addition, the areola itself may become disproportionately enlarged, whereas the nipple may appear retracted or inverted below skin level. In these operations, the incision used to lift the nipples may also serve to achieve changes in circumference and shape of the areola. Surgery is performed under local anesthesia or with IV sedation. In some women, inverted nipples result from the changes that occur as breast tissue diminishes after breastfeeding. In patients with small breasts and only a small degree of ptosis, increasing breast volume with implants often produces a small degree of nipple lift and does not require a separate procedure.

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During surgery, preserving the nerves and blood vessels that supply the nipples is essential in order to maintain nipple sensation and breastfeeding ability.

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Cosmetic procedures for the nipples and areolas

When considering plastic surgery to address any of the above concerns, always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable about and experienced in the many options available. Correction of inverted nipples Inverted or retracted nipples exist when the nipples are withdrawn below the surface of the skin and lack the normal protrusion. These findings, referred to as accessory breast tissue and supernumerary nipples, usually appear along the mammalian milk line, which forms in a wide V-shape from in front of the armpits along the sides of the chest and abdomen. Where will your breast implants be placed?

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