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wet cotten panties
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Dresses in the summer are another story. The last thing I want to do here is Spanx-shame anyone, but shapewear can actually be pretty bad for you if you wear it too tight or for too long. Since thongs literally go inside of your butt crack, and they tend to slide around a lot, they can transfer E. So, if you want to continue wearing thongs, at least try to find a well-fitting one that won't slide all over the place and isn't too, too tight in the inseam. Well, apparently, nighttime is a great time to let your lady bits air out even more by going commando while you sleep. However, it's not recommended to go without panties during the day, because the seam of your pants can rub your hooha in all the wrong ways and ultimately cause irritation.

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wet cotten panties

I'm not saying you shouldn't ever wear a thong again, but if you do decide to keep thongs in your underwear drawer, there's a few things you should know about how they can mess with your health.

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However, even if you don't have particularly sensitive skin like I do, you should still avoid washing your undies with scented detergent or drying them with scented dryer sheets if you can. You may already know from personal experience that sleeping in the nude is awesome , but it's actually really good for your vaginal health , too. So, no matter how pretty they look, remember that panties made of lace, polyester, lycra, and nylon are not worth their cuteness — unless they're meant to be appreciated and taken off very quickly.

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